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About Strategic Tax & Insurance Services

At Strategic Tax & Insurance Services, we believe that one can only have true financial peace of mind, when one knows, without a doubt, that they have a comprehensive financial strategy.  This strategy must be designed to provide for them the guidance needed, not only during the good times, but also during the “not so good times”.  At Strategic, we also understand that people need an ongoing advocate to guide and protect them through life’s sometimes unexpected and inevitable down turns.

As an investment advisor representative, John works to help his clients avoid taking unnecessary financial risks.  Instead, he helps his clients really understand what their wealth represents to them:  Peace of mind, freedom, choices and stability. His strategies attempt to create a comfortable lifestyle that allows his clients to make choices that are best for themselves and their loved ones.

At Strategic, our team* works with our clients to help them take control of their financial future through education and the creation of a comprehensive financial strategy.  This process is designed to help our clients with 5 critical areas of retirement planning, including:


As Fiduciaries, we see our responsibility as helping our clients make the strongest financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones.  We work hard to bring our clients financial solutions that are designed to protect, preserve, and grow their assets into and throughout their retirement.

Discover what it means to have “your own” personal financial guide working with you to help you make the strongest financial decisions for you and your loved ones.  Discover what it means to have the confidence and peace of mind you deserve in retirement.  Discover the Strategic difference. 

Questions? John Duddy is an investment advisor representative and a fiduciary. Call (781) 279-8444 to schedule a no obligation initial consultation.

*Our team can comprise of independent 3rd party providers that might include professionally licensed individuals whose services we incorporate for the betterment of our clients.

About John

About John Duddy

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There is much that is uncertain about the financial world, but at Strategic Tax & Insurance Services, Inc., that uncertainty is combatted by invaluable experience.  With over 40 years of this experience as an advisor, John Duddy helps his clients create a coordinated plan to manage all of their wealth needs.


John’s passion is people; and helping them discover the peace of mind that can only come from a secure financial future. His strategies aim to ensure that people don’t outlive their money, and that they can enjoy the retirement that they expect, and the retirement that they deserve. He works closely with professionals of other financial specialties to plan for all phases of his clients’ lifetimes and often times his client’s children, and even grandchildren.  This includes an estate planning component that ensures a clients’ finances are organized correctly to put their loved ones in the best position after they pass away.

Don’t spend your retirement life worrying about running out of money. John focuses on helping people protect the money that they’ve earned. He designs a distribution and income plan to allow them to use that money for the rest of their lives; taking them into and through retirement. When you work with John and his team, you can rest assured that no stone has been left unturned, and no question left unanswered.  They look at your entire financial picture, even pieces you’ve never thought to review.  John and his team ensure that your plan leads you to the future you feel comfortable with.


If you are headed into retirement or are already there; and concerned that you aren’t getting the most out of your money; Strategic Tax & Insurance Services, Inc. invites you to have a conversation. They have been “Helping People Retire On Their Own Terms Since 1975”, and are committed to continuing this tradition in the future.


Joanne K. Sullivan - Office Manager

No Obligation Financial Review Now Available

You are invited to join us for a No Obligation consultation to discuss important issues that could affect your current ESTATE PLAN and Your Legacy.

THIS IS NOT A SEMINAR EVENT. This is an opportunity to privately discuss important Estate Planning issues which have happened because of recent Estate Tax Law changes this year. 

Learn How The New Estate Tax Law Changes Can Affect Your Current Estate Plan & Retirement Savings. 


Don't Get Caught Off Guard. Get a Valuable Second Opinion Now!

These private appointments are limited!  Please caII today to schedule your no obligation consultation: (781) 279-8444

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